1994-98 Mustang Fuel Pressure Regulator

1994-98 Mustang Fuel Pressure Regulator
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1994-95 Mustang GT
1996-97 Mustang GT
1996-98 Cobra
1994-98 Mustang V6 3.8
1994-96 5.8 (351) engines
Fine tuning fuel pressure for more power can give you a performance edge, and is essential to get the most out of a highly modified Mustang. Increase fuel delivery by raising pressure, or lowering pressure below the stock for a cleaner idle with large injectors or out-of-calibration air meters. These regulators fit with GT-40, Cobra, Edelbrock and other aftermarket intake manifolds, so future upgrades to your car will be hassle free. Billet Aluminum regulators add double seals, a wider range of adjustment 0-100 and a separate port for making adjustments without removing the vacuum line.
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