1994-04 Mustang SVE 13" Cobra Style Front Brake Kit

1994-04 Mustang SVE 13" Cobra Style Front Brake Kit
Part #: SVE-2300K
Regular price: $695.95
As many of you know by now, Ford has stopped producing their popular Mustang Cobra Brake calipers. Have no fear though!!!!! Not only has LRS stepped up to the plate and offered a solution for those looking for cobra brakes, we took the common upgrades that normally went with a standard set of brakes and made a complete High Performance Brake Kit!

Our SVE Brake Kits include an set of New PBR Cobra Style 2 piston brake calipers. These SVE Brake Calipers and mounting brackets feature a bright red finish that is sure to make them stand out and be seen on your Mustang. The SVE Cobra Style Brake Calipers come loaded with a high performance friction compound pad that is aggressive enough for weekend track days and auto cross events, yet gentle enough to still use on a daily driver without excessive rotor wear.

We didn't stop there. LRS also included a set of Stoptech Braided Stainless steel brake hoses that will meet the demands of this Mustang brake kit as well as add some more eye appeal to your Mustang brake upgrade kit. New banjo bolts and crush washers are also included to round out the package and complete the installation.

What better way to finish out the SVE Cobra Style brake kit than with a set of Powerslot High performance front brake rotors. LRS includes a set of LH & RH premium 13" Front slotted brake rotors to put the icing on the cake. These Powerslot Brake Rotors feature a durable black e-coat on the hat, edges, and internal vanes to prevent corrosion which will keep your rotors looking as good as the rest of your Mustang.

This SVE Brake kit is the perfect addition to any 1994-2004 Mustang GT or V6 as well as a tremendous upgrade for 1979-1993 foxbody mustangs using the SN-95 Spindle 5 lug conversion.

* * * NOTE:These SVE Calipers are a Direct replacement for OEM Ford Cobra Calipers and use the factory replacement pads and hardware as the cobra calipers as well.* * *
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