2011 - 14 COYOTE 5.0 Phaser VVT Delete Camshaft Adjuster lockout

2011 - 14 COYOTE 5.0 Phaser VVT Delete Camshaft Adjuster lockout
Part #: 451557
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MMR 2011-2014 5.0 Coyote Mustang / F150 Phaser Deletes Camshaft Adjusters / lockouts. These Bolt on TiVCT Phaser deletes save 274 grams on each exhaust cam and 330 grams on each intake cam, that 1208 grams or 2.6 lbs of rotational weight plus allowing full adjustability of the camshafts. These help prevent secondary chain breakage by minimizing inertia and improving performance with quicker throttle response and increased HP. Can be installed with engine in vehicle. Also allows for use of aftermarket ecu such as FAST or Big Stuff systems. Kit includes 4 deletes and hardware. Replaces entire inner phaser rotor, not just the outer cap like other inferior copies, No freeze plugs required in the cams like other copies! MMR Deletes are the ONLY brand on the market that are hub centric, this means they center perfectly in the cam hub, not by the bolts like other copies that can create a imbalance and failure!! Not to be confused with copies on the market that are simply a adjustable lock-out, the MMR kit actually DELETES the heavy phaser components. As used by team MMR Worlds Fastest Coyote.
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