2010-14 Mustang BBR Reaper H/K Power Pack

2010-14 Mustang BBR Reaper H/K Power Pack
Part #: Reaper-PP
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Blow-By Racing REAPER H/K Power Pack

Blow-By Racing is proud to release our NEW REAPER H/K Nitrous System designed for your 2010-2014 Mustang , but can be used for many different applications; out kit includes:
BBR Reaper K/K Kit: -NX 2.5lb Nitrous Bottle
-BBR/NX Solenoid
-SS Fittings
-Nylon Line
-WOT Switch
-Momentary Push Button
-Activation Button
-Jets Pack for 50, 75, 100, 125 HP

JLT Cold Air Intake

NGK Spark Plugs (Colder than stock)(recommended gap @ 0.032)

BBR Custom Tune with Data-Logging

On our 2013 Mustang GT Automatic Test Car Mods:
JLT Cold Air Intake
BBR O/R X-pipe
Reaper kit on 125HP
Boss Intake Manifold
BMR Lowering Springs
BBR Panhard Bar
Whiteline PH brace
93 octane
Car dyno'd @ 500 rwhp & 500 rwtq
Before & After Dyno Graphe is posted above showing the 100rwhp and 150 rwtq gains
ET: 10.838 @ 126.53
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