AFCO 2005-2010 Mustang GT High Performance Aluminum Radiator

AFCO 2005-2010 Mustang GT High Performance Aluminum Radiator
AFCO 2005-2010 Mustang GT High Performance Aluminum RadiatorAFCO 2005-2010 Mustang GT High Performance Aluminum Radiator
Part #: 80281FNU
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AFCO 2005-2010 Mustang GT High Performance Aluminum Radiator

# Fits 2005-2010 Mustangs with automatic or manual transmissions
# Direct OEM replacement
# The AFCO design is better for daily driver cars than competitors radiators: 14 serrated fins per inch (FPI) ensure efficient cooling at idle, with high-flow design at full speed
# Higher transfer of heat to air from new serrated fin design
# Designed for use with factory or electric fans
# All-aluminum core weighs 6 pounds less than factory radiator
# Works with all brands of coolant
# Installs in approximately 2-3 hours using basic hand tools

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Redline Water Wetter
Redline Water Wetter
Regular price: $9.99
On Sale: $9.94
Red Line Water Wetter provides corrosion and rust protection for modern aluminum and cast iron cooling systems. This unique additive reduces coolant temperatures by as much as 30 degrees F. It can be used in plain water to provide much better heat transfer properties and protection than glycol-based antifreeze, or added to new or used antifreeze to fortify inhibitors and reduce foaming.
Royal Purple " Purple Ice " Coolant Additive
Royal Purple " Purple Ice " Coolant Additive
Regular price: $17.95
On Sale: $14.00
Purple Ice is a high performance, synthetic, radiator coolant additive for both gasoline and diesel engines. It is formulated to reduce the surface tension of the coolant, which improves heat transfer through the cooling system while providing additional protection against rust, corrosion and erosion.

Purple Ice prevents the formation of scale deposits in the radiator for optimum coolant flow and lubricates the seals of the water pump. It is ideal for use in straight water racing applications or in antifreeze / water mixtures.

Purple Ice is compatible with traditional ethylene glycol antifreeze (green) and GM Dex-Cool´┐Ż antifreeze coolants.

Sold in 16 oz. container
Treat 15 qt.
Note: Purple Ice should not be used in new radiators until anti-freeze has been cycled through the system
4.6/5.4 160 degree Thermostat
4.6/5.4 160 degree Thermostat
Regular price: $29.99
On Sale: $18.95
Your factory 192 degree thermostat allows the engine to run 200 plus degrees in many applications. For modified cars that see race duty we suggest this 160 degree thermostat to drop your engine temps down to the 180 degree range. This will reduce your engine temperature which often improves performance. Many supercharged and aftermarket engines often run warmer than stock so this is also a great option for those applications.
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