2005-09 Mustang GT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

2005-09 Mustang GT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
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BMR carbon fiber driveshafts provide a variety of benefits for your '05 Mustang. The overcomplicated factory two-piece shaft weighs an unbelievable 42.3 lbs. as compared to our 20.7lb. one-piece carbon fiber replacement. This rotational weight reduction alone is responsible for gains of 15+ rear wheel horsepower. Additionally the benefits of carbon fiber can be felt and heard in reduced driveline harmonics and vibration. Carbon fiber absorbs these harmonics much more efficiently without the long term fatique associated with steel or aluminum. The factory driveshaft is rated at an estimated 450-500rwhp while we rate our carbon fiber shaft up to 1000+ rwhp.

The carbon used in these shafts has two distinct wind angles to provide the most unparalleled torsional rigidity (45 degree wind angle) without sacrificing linear strength (15 degree wind angle). Additionally our driveshaft is provided with solid 1350 series u-joints and a CNC machined 7075 billet front flange to replace the OE cast piece. Since the OE shaft was designed with CV joints, a u-joint style pinion yoke is required to convert the pinion. We have a new 4340 billet pinion yoke available at competitive pricing or you can source one from other driveline specialists such as Moser or Strange.

Shipped complete with new pinion nut, u-bolts and instructions. NOTE: Rear pinion flange requires professional installation. Improper installation of yoke can result in gear whine and premature gear wear.

NOTE: 8.8" Yoke for 1350 series U-joints (required for CV conversion) $ 149.95 (please selet below)
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