2005-2014 Mustang Xtreme Anti-Roll Bar - BMR

2005-2014 Mustang Xtreme Anti-Roll Bar - BMR
Part #: XSB005
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BMR Xtreme anti-roll bars feature a massive diameters and include heavy-duty rod ends. These sway bars have an easy bolt-on design with the option to be welded if desired. The factory rear sway bar works well for handling, but falls short when it comes to drag racing. There are two main reasons for this--the OE bar diameters are nowhere near the right diameter to control torque loading on a launch, and the OE-type bar only attaches at the control arms with no frame attachment points. This allows for too much body separation and no way to control it. By attaching the end links to the frame, body separation is minimized and converted into forward momentum. This, combined with the large diameter bar's ability to better control torque loading, creates more consistent and predictable launches and better 60 ft. times. BMR Xtreme anti-roll bars come with all necessary Grade 8 mounting hardware.
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