7.3 Godzilla ECU & Wiring Harness kit

7.3 Godzilla ECU & Wiring Harness kit
Part #: BBR-73-Wiring-ECU
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BBR 7.3 "Godzilla" ECU, WinginHarness, MAP Sensor, Pedal Assembly, Adapters, & base Calibration

Full access means you can access all software features and you will have full access for example:
- Boost control.
- Drag racing control strategies.
- Electronic throttle body control.
- Ignition and injection.
- Lambda regulation and self learn.
- Oil pressure control.
- Paddle shift.
- Traction control.
- Variable camshaft timing.

*** Curerent Unit is only for manual ***
*** Auto coming soon !!!!! ***
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