8.8 Axle Girdles - Ford Performance Parts

8.8 Axle Girdles - Ford Performance Parts
Part #: M-4033-K
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Ford Performance Parts axle girdles are a great way to strengthen the rear-end of your car. Made of lightweight aluminum, they incorporate load bolts that provide additional support for differential bearing caps. Because they reduce the amount of flex in your differential while under load, they significantly reduce bearing wear and chipped teeth on the ring and pinion. They provide increased ring and pinion gear life and are a definite must for all racing and high performance street cars.

Additional information:

* Available for a variety of applications, including some independent rear suspensions
* Replaces OE rear cover
* Covers with cooling fins and machined for differential cooler pickup and return fittings recommended for road racing or extended high-speed/high-temperature applications
* Models equipped with differential coolers may require modifications
* Check exterior clearance to chassis/suspension
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