4.56 Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion

4.56 Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion
Part #: M4209G456
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4.56 Motive performance Plus Ring & Pinion
Gears are for 8.8" Ford rear end. These Gears will fit all Mustang GT and Cobra models from 1979 to 2007. Thes gears are lighten to reduce rotating weight and increase acceleration. We uses these gears in high horsepower racecars with outstanding results. We recommend our Basic Install or Master bearing kit recommended by most installers for Ring & Pinion Install, especially on cars with high mileage.

Shop installation costs for a Ring & Pinion install will vary, but the average is $250 and $350 for the labor side. Please make sure to use a shop you trust & feel comfortable with for installations.
TA Performance 8.8 Rear End Girdle - Ultra Low
TA Performance 8.8 Rear End Girdle - Ultra Low
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Specifically designed to add support to the bearing caps under severe loads and acceleration, these girdles substantially strengthen the rear end. They also add fluid capacity, which helps to lower the fluid temperature. Comes with drain and fill plugs for easy maintenance.

* All TA Girdles are made of 356 aircraft grade aluminum, heat treated to T6 specifications, each cover is then stress relieved.
* All Girdles incorporate a Fill Port and a Drain Port for ease of servicing.
* All Girdles incorporate 2 load bolts with swivel "feet" for supporting the bearing caps.
* All Girdles increase fluid capacity approx. 1/2 pint.
* All Girdles show a decrease in operating temperature, average of 15 degrees.
* Weighs about 7.5 lbs.
* Improves Undercarriage Appearance.

We machine all of our girdles in house to insure the highest quality possible. Each cover is machined using a 3 step CNC process which insures accuracy and high quality. Then each cover is hand deburred and inspected for the utmost in fit and finish. each cover is hand assembled and packaged.
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