351W Ford Stroker Main Support System with custom ARP main studs

351W Ford Stroker Main Support System with custom ARP main studs
Part #: MSS1020
Regular price: $399.99
On Sale: $329.95
Made of 3/4” Billet 6061-T6 aluminum, the D.S.S. Main Support System effectively dampens damaging harmonics, virtually eliminating main bearing walk. The Main Support Plate is fastened to the main caps using custom ARP main studs (included), effectively tying all five main caps together. By adding another main web structure you dramatically increase the block’s strength, helping both block and crankshaft life. Our Main Support System makes it possible to produce 650-plus horsepower from a production block. * Why Are D.S.S. Main Supports So Important? * It seems that everybody today is trying to get more and more power from their engines. Increasing engine RPM’s, or adding nitrous, turbos' or superchargers are some sure ways to increase power, but they can be very tough on durability. Additional stresses generated by running higher RPM’s or using power adders are transferred directly through the pistons, rods and crankshaft to the block’s main webbing. Commonly, the reciprocating force can overwhelm the main bearing caps and the fasteners that hold them in place. Under heavy loads, the caps will shift or “walk” from side to side. This movement is transferred to the ends of the main cap fasteners, causing the threads to become fatigued. Eventually the main web cracks, leading to a loss in oil pressure and possibly total destruction of the block and internal components. To combat this problem, Ford Racing offers Splayed Four-Bolt main racing blocks. While excellent pieces, the price puts them out of reach for the average enthusiast. This is where the D.S.S. Main Support System comes in. Starting at $299.95 the D.S.S. Main Support System is a very cost-effective way to add strength to a production block without breaking the bank.
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