DSS 5.0 Super Modular Stroker Aluminum Shortblock

DSS  5.0 Super Modular Stroker Aluminum Shortblock
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2V Pistons: 
3V Pistons: 
4V Pistons: 
Piston Coating: 
BLOCK: Production Ford 4.6 Aluminum with D.S.S. Level 20 CNC Prep
MAIN SUPPORT:D.S.S. Billet Aluminum
PISTONS:D.S.S. GSX Forged flycut with X groove piston skirt
CRANKSHAFT:KPC forged 3.75" stroke
MAIN HARDWARE: ARP Studs, custom length
WRIST PINS:Full Floating .866 Dia. Steel
CONNECTING RODS:DSS Forged 4340 Steel H-Beams with ARP2000 cap screws
RINGS:1.5/1.5/3.0 mm ductile iron with SS 50U low Drag oil ring
Rod Bolts: 3/8" ARP 2000 cap screws
RODS: Tri Metal
MAINS: Speed Pro Tri Metal competiton
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