We require a non-refundable deposit to guarantee your dyno-tune appointment. The balance may be paid in person when we dyno-tune your vehicle.

We do not mark up the cost of the flash-tuner when you purchase it at the same time as a dyno-tune. You will save money when you buy the tuner at the same time we dyno-tune the car.

Our Dyno rates start @
$300 on N/A vehicles
$500.00 Power Adder vehicles
$175.00 per hour on update Dyno tuning

Additional chargers may apply for SCT Livewire & flasher

For chipped vehicles, you must remove PCM and re-install when we are done, or $50 fee applies.

SCT Tuning Software Training for Racers and Dealers: CALL for Pricing

* Street vehicles should be filled with the octane and brand of pump gas fuel that you normally use.
* There is an additional charges may apply if you wish to fill the vehicle with race fuel and have us tune it. You will need to supply your own race fuel or make other arrangements. If you plan to do this please let us know ahead of time.
* Check with us before selecting a race fuel for your application. Blends and stoich points vary greatly from one fuel to the next, which could cause your A/F to change un-knowingly.
* We usually have VP C16, Q16, C10, M1, 114+ unleaded Racing fuel available for sale.

- 99% of street vehicles do not take longer than three hours of tuning. Very heavily modified vehicles (more than 600-650rwhp) or other special cases may require more than three hours to properly tune and may have additional charges.

We want every customer to be happy with your new dyno tune. To ensure you get your moneys worth, it is your responsibility to have the vehicle in perfect mechanical running condition. The fuel system needs to be large enough to support your power/boost level, your MAF sensor must have enough range, and your spark plugs should be fresh and properly gapped (for boosted vehicles). We are only able to make simple repairs during dyno-tuning sessions. There is no discount on tuning/dyno-time if we are not able to completely tune the vehicle due to a mechanical problem or other issue beyond our control (inadequate fuel system, to mall of a MAF, etc). The primary cost involved is our time to strap down and set up a vehicle on the dyno, the actual tuning process is relatively straightforward once we get going. If you are unsure of your vehicles modifications or readiness to be dyno-tuned we recommend you email or call us with a list of modifications or bring it over.

If you plan or decide too wait and watch while we tune your vehicle and bring your children they must stay in our waiting area or showroom and be closely supervised. Smoking is not permitted in or around the shop due to flammable materials nearby.

A few quick things to check before bringing a vehicle in for dyno tuning:
-If aftermarket forced induction or OE blower car with aftermarket pulley should check spark plug gap. Spark plug gap should be at 0.028 -.035". How old are the plugs? Copper plugs need to be changed every 5-10k miles. Platinum every 15-30k miles.
-If aftermarket supercharged,please make sure your IAT sensor is installed after the blower.
-Make sure your fuel filter has been changed in the last 10-20k miles.
-If nitrous injected please make sure you have a bottle heater and pressure gauge working properly and be sure to bring extra fuel & N2O jets.
-For Lightnings - 03/04 Cobras - GT500's - or any combo with a intercooler pump; please make sure your intercooler pump work is working correctly to save time on the dyno.
-There should be an extra bung so we can install our wide-band O2 sensor directly in the exhaust, often a rear O2 sensor can be removed and our wide-band O2 sensor installed there.
-Vehicles are recommended but not required have mufflers tailpipes for exhaust ventilation during dyno session.

Please contact our sales department with any questions.
*No refunds on dyno-time or custom tuning labor **No refunds on deposits if the appointment is missed