FAST Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module Kit

FAST Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module Kit
Part #: FAST-170536
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FAST Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module Kit

Now track engine rpm in addition to air/fuel data with your FAST Air/Fuel Meter

Knowing your engines air/fuel ratio is critical to maximizing its performance. Knowing what rpm that air/fuel ratio is occurring at gives you the data you need to make precision adjustments to address specific tuning problems. The FAST Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module is an upgrade kit that lets you monitor and record your engines rpm and is fully compatible with any FAST Air/Fuel Meter. It installs with a quick firmware update to your meter, and the rpm module plugs in-line with your existing O2 sensor harness. The rpm pick-up is a unique inductive pick-up design that eliminates any wire cutting to get your rpm signal.

The FAST Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module comes with everything you need, including the installation CD, communications cable, USB cable adapter, power source, rpm module, clip-on inductive pick-up and full instructions to get you up and running in no time. Best of all, youll never have to guess what your air/fuel ratio is, or what rpm it occurs at, ever again.
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