Ford Racing "Hot Rods" 3V Camshafts

Ford Racing "Hot Rods" 3V Camshafts
Part #: M-6550-3V
Regular price: $949.99
On Sale: $890.90
* Give any 3-valve 4.6l or 5.4L a lopey idol reminiscent of 1960's muscle cars, no one will believe it's a modular engine
* The most powerful cams available that are safe with production valvetrain.
* Currently being used in Rough Rider off-road race trucks
* Engineered by the same designers of the stock camshafts
* No other cam manufacturer has the aggressive sound and durability these cams offer
* Upgrade for the 2005-2010 Mustang GT 4.6L 3V engine
* Increases lift from the stock 11mm to 12mm - (0.470)lift
* Duration at .050", intake 221 degrees, exhaust 240 degrees, lobe separation 110 degrees
* Compatible with production springs, followers and lash adjusters up to 6800rpm
* 50hp gain(SAE-J1349)with the stock intake and M-6049-463P CNC heads at 6500 rpm. 30hp gain without CNC heads. (with long tube headers and M-9603-GTB cold air kit)
* Requires custom calibration to achieve optimized performance
* Featured in M-6007-A463NA crate engine
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