HPL Synthetic Gear Oil

HPL Synthetic Gear Oil
Part #: HPS-Gear
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HPL Synthetic Gear oil w/ Boosted Technology, the oil that is chemically engineered to exceed the harsh demands of all high performance drivelines.

This is achieved by using only the highest quality synthetic base oils and specially formulated additives. The Boosted Technology additive pack creates maximum anti-wear and increased shear protection; ideal for high RPM, heavy load, and extreme pressure conditions. HPL offers superior anti-foam and corrosion protection for increased oil life and extended drain intervals. HPL gear oil with Boosted Technology exceeds the API and O.E. requirements, allowing it to effortlessly outperform the leading high performance gear oils. Made in the USA.

KEY FACTS about HPL Gear Oil:

Contains additional limited slip/positraction additives to increase clutch life
•Ideal for wet clutch applications found in heave equipment
•Superior aniti-wear formula reduces damaging wear and increased gear/bearing life
•Film strength that maintains stability at high temperatures and heavy loads
•Low friction coefficients reduce parasitic loss and increase performance
•Increased alkalinity prevents rust and corrosion
•Exceptional anti-foam capability
•Made in the USA
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