Kenne Bell Boost-a-Spark

Kenne Bell Boost-a-Spark
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Kenne Bell Boost-a-Spark

• Adjustable from 0-50% (13.5 - 20 volts).
• Increases spark energy - ALL 12 VOLT IGNITION SYSTEMS. Highest voltage of any ignition system concept.
• New Kenne Bell "Long Spark" Technology increases AND regulates voltage. NOT a CD with an inherently "short spark."
• More energy than CD systems. Over 2 amps at the plug (10 times more than OEM and 4 times more than other aftermarket ignition systems).
• Eliminates engine misfire under boost or high load.
• Ideal for supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous applications.
• Will fire spark plugs with up to .100" gap and 30 psi boost. 2500 microseconds vs. 200 for CD's.
• Regulates ignition voltage within .1 volt, regardless of battery voltage.
• Allows wider plug gaps for MORE POWER. Other ignition systems must run closer plug gaps.
• Automatically adjusts spark energy to meet engine requirements i.e. rich, lean, supercharged, high compression etc.
•Two (2) models. Supercharged / Turbocharged or Normally Aspirated. Pressure or vacuum switch included.
• Attractive red anodized extruded aluminum weatherproof case.
• Developed on the Kenne Bell Dyno.
• Easy to install. Just connect to primary coil wire.

"The Boost-A-Spark came through with flying colors, as the engine never missed a beat, even with 8 psi of boost and the plug gap set at .100."
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
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