Lysholm 3300 Supercharger Upgrade/Tuner Kit for 2003-2004 Cobra

Lysholm 3300 Supercharger Upgrade/Tuner Kit for 2003-2004 Cobra
Lysholm 3300 Supercharger Upgrade/Tuner Kit for 2003-2004 CobraLysholm 3300 Supercharger Upgrade/Tuner Kit for 2003-2004 Cobra
Part #: 3320020
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2003-2004 4.6L 4V Mustang Cobra Supercharger Kits and Accessories

Lysholm 3300 supercharger kit (Part # 3320020)

Lysholm 3300 supercharger kit (Part # 3320020) and optional 5" inlet duct assembly (Part # 4LFR212-040) (sold separately)

Optional accessories including 5" inlet duct assembly shown below.
Lysholm 3300 Supercharger Kit

Features the Lysholm 3300 twin-screw supercharger, capable of 800+HP at 25+PSI Boost.

Part number: 3320020 ($4,695.95)
Included Components and Features>br>
Designed for use with the 4.6L 4V engine in the ‘03-‘04 Mustang Cobra. Fits under the stock hood, but under-hood blanket must be trimmed or removed.
Lysholm 3300 twin-screw supercharger with 4.25” driven pulley and new 8-rib drive belt
Produces approximately 17-19 psi peak boost when paired with the following combination:
OEM engine, including crank pulley and rev-limit.
Aftermarket 90mm I.D. MAF housing and matching open element filter (customer supplied)
Supplied Vortech throttle body and 4.25” driven pulley
Billet adapter plate allows for simple attachment to OEM lower manifold
CNC machined aluminum
Black anodized finish
O-ring seal for bypass
Integrated bypass valve assembly
OEM Ford twin-port actuator
Bypass shaft
Actuator arm
44.5mm bypass valve (competing “3.4L / W210AX” models use 38mm valve)
Cast aluminum supercharger air inlet manifold
High-flow, minimal pressure drop design
Integrated o-ring seal at throttle mating surface
Includes all necessary fittings to adapt to OEM hoses
Relocates throttle to the driver side of the engine
Exclusive high-flow throttle body
Billet aluminum construction
Black anodized coating with Vortech logo machined into the top
Precision machined brass gears
Throttle bore: flow area = 13.694 sq. in. (73% increase over OEM Cobra) Single oval blade
Includes mounting hardware and custom throttle cable bracket
Extruded aluminum high-flow fuel rails with mounting hardware. -6 ORB ports.
Billet aluminum remote-mount IAC manifold with necessary fittings and hose
Provisions for EGR mount. Includes EGR valve relocation hose.

Other Notes

Adapter plate, inlet duct, throttle body and all bypass components are pre-installed onto the supercharger at Vortech
Throttle body requires OEM TPS sensor (removed from OEM throttle).
Battery relocation is required (optional Vortech #8N150-010 is a complete relocation assembly that includes 1Ø cable and ends, NHRA legal aluminum box and hardware). Battery relocation components are not included in this tuner kit.
Supercharger kit installation time is rated at 4-6 hours
Installer must provide:
Custom ECU calibration
Fuel pump voltage booster or high-flow fuel pumps for applications exceeding 15 psi boost
High-flow replacement fuel injectors
Properly sized air filter
Properly matched MAF sensor and housing
Fuel adapter fittings and related plumbing (not included and may vary per specific application)
OEM Fuel Pressure Sensor mount
Connection from fuel supply line to Vortech fuel rails
Fuel rail crossover
This system is available with powder coated black exterior finish only
Not smog legal. Off-road use only.
Ship date and pricing to be determined


Alternate supercharger drive pulley size available separately: 2L038-375-01 (3.75”) and 2L038-400-01 (4.00”). More sizes to come in the future.
Replacement belt: 2A048-765 (Dayco 5080765). Compatible with 4.25”, 4.00” and 3.75” pulley sizes.
Throttle inlet ducting assemblies: 4LFR212-030-
Four inch diameter aluminum ducting with matte-black powder coated exterior. Includes integrated IAC and crankcase breather ports
Compatible with OEM-style 90mm MAF configurations
Includes heat shield and appropriate silicone sleeves with clamps 4LFR212-040-
Five inch diameter mandrel-bent ducting with matte-black powder coated exterior. Includes provision for IAT sensor. Integrated IAC and crankcase breather ports.
123mm billet aluminum MAF housing (2005+ slot style MAF element and harness required)
Air filter, heat shield and appropriate silicone sleeves with clamps
Coming soon: 5” diameter duct assembly with Vortech 123mm MAF and filter (2005+ slot style MAF element required)
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