Ford 5.0 COYOTE Forged 4032 alloy Power Pak piston Kits are a perfect choice for longevity and durability for Coyote engines. The Power Pak pistons come complete with pins, locks, and rings. The rings included are plasma moly low drag design featuring 1mm top, 1mm 2nd and 2mm oil rings. They also run SUPER TIGHT clearances between .0006" and .0014" meaning better ring seal and low on noise.

***These pistons also come with a HARD ANODIZED top ring groove for strength and longevity in EXTREME DUTY applications.

Power Pak feature includes:

Forged piston for performance applications
Fully-machined crown
Grafal anti-Friction coating on skirts*
Phosphate-coated to reduce micro-welding and pin galling**
Pin bores binished on CNC boring equipment
High strength, light weight steel pins
Race proven round wire locks
Low drag ring pak
Light weight slipper kirt forgings

Compression Ration:

+3cc = 11.2:1
-5cc = 10.0:1

Mahle 5.0 Coyote PowerPak Pistons w/ Rings