MSD LS1 / LS6 Blaster Coil Pack - ea.

MSD LS1 / LS6 Blaster Coil Pack - ea.
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Get multiple spark from a coil pack.
Finally, you can get a performance replacement coil for the popular Gen III GM small block with these LS-1/LS-6 Blaster coils from MSD! This engine, most notably the LS-1 and LS-6, is fast becoming a favorite performance engine. But, not just in Camaros, the new GTO and Corvettes - also in muscle cars and street rods. The complex electronic controls of the original coils presented the aftermarket with a challenge as the drivers that control the firing of the coils are built into the OE models. MSD engineers were able to design an advanced circuit that will operate with the factory electronics of the Gen III engine controls while producing a higher output spark. Not only do you get a higher voltage spark, but the coil will deliver multiple sparks! That's right - multiple spark discharge coils! Requires a set of eight coil packs to work for your vehicle.
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