Ny-Trex S197 Triple Threat

Ny-Trex S197 Triple Threat
Ny-Trex S197 Triple Threat Ny-Trex S197 Triple Threat
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These DEI Ny-Trex Triple-Threat EFI wet nitrous oxide systems combine all three valve functions--nitrous, fuel, and purge--in one easy-to-install component. The Triple-Threat valve features a billet aluminum machined body with three integral solenoid valves. The systems use a T-Rex nozzle with a true blend spray bowl that delivers a swirl cone plume at a 70 degree angle to the center of the throttle body for an even blend. The systems also include: * 10 lb. black powdercoated nitrous bottle with brackets * Liquid-filled bottle pressure gauge, 0-1,500 psi * Chrome 660 high-flow bottle valve with gauge port * 15 A wide-open throttle activation switch * Braided stainless steel nitrous and fuel pressure feed lines * Dual taper jet kit * Purge valve kit * Fuel pressure safety switch, preset at 33 psi * Electrical wiring, connectors, relays, and switches * Mounting brackets and hardware
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