2011-14 Mustang GT Pro-M Wave for - Frequency Type Sensor

2011-14 Mustang GT Pro-M Wave for - Frequency Type Sensor
Part #: ProM-2011
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The PRO-M WAVE is the newest creation in after market Mass Air Sensors by Pro-M Racing. If you are looking for versatility, performance, accuracy and quality then the PRO-M WAVE is what you have been looking for.

The PRO-M WAVE can be used as a direct replacement for the original sensor used in all 2011 and newer Ford products and many other vehicles using frequency type Mass Air Sensors both foreign and domestic. The PRO-M WAVE has 2.5 times more range than the stock sensor. The PRO-M WAVE's extended range allows it to be used with engines with as much as 800 flywheel horsepower, while still using the stock air cleaner box. This sensor absolutely will not “peg”, yet still has excellent resolution.

The PRO-M WAVE can also be used as an addition to fabricated ducting. Due to its design, this sensor can easily be added to any piece of existing ducting. It can be used in both “blow through” and “draw through” applications. The PRO-M WAVE is calibrated so that its range just slightly exceeds that of the ducting in which it is installed. This means that the sensor cannot “peg”, yet still has excellent resolution. Tuning is required, and a 40 point transfer function sheet is included. The transfer function sheet shows the transfer function that the PRO-M WAVE will have in whatever diameter duct you’ve chosen. It will support up to 800hp in a 3” diameter tube, up to 1100hp in a 3.5” diameter tube, and up to 1500hp in a 4” diameter tube.

The PRO-M WAVE is far superior to “range extenders” used with the stock or competitor's sensor. For more information on the limitations of range extenders, please see our “range extender facts” page.
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