2005-06 3V F-150 Supercharger

2005-06 3V F-150 Supercharger
2005-06 3V F-150 Supercharger2005-06 3V F-150 Supercharger2005-06 3V F-150 Supercharger2005-06 3V F-150 Supercharger
Part #: PW-3V-F-force
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The Powerworks F-Force kit features: Magnacharger M112 Inlet forward design to reduce inlet restriction to the Supercharger, Integrated Air/Water intercooler complete with Low Temp Radiator, coolant pump and all the hardware required for installation. This kit also comes complete with "Plug and Play" electrical and vacuum harnesses and complete "All New" high flow induction system.
Powerworks all new F-Force kit has complete full color installation instructions and takes approximately 8 - 10 hours to install. Also included is the Powerworks complete powertrain (engine and transmission) calibration with a CARB E.O. for those of you in "Green States" where certification testing is required.
Install the New Powerworks kit and enjoy the features of factory drivability with an extra 150+ lb/ft of torque for improved towing capability and an extra 160+ hp for that last second passing maneuver on the highway.

Power: Stock: 271.4 F-force: 414.8 Gain: 143.4
Torque: Stock: 310.8 F-force: 464.4 Gain: 153.6
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