SCT Pro Racer Custom Tuning Kit

SCT Pro Racer Custom Tuning Kit
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SCT Pro Racer Custom Tuning Package **Now Includes SCT X-CAL 2**

Tune Like the Pro with our Pro Racer Package:

It's here! A single PCM package that gives the hardcore racer the control he has been dying to have. SCT Ford Tuning Software gives you COMPLETE control of the PCM for all your tuning needs:

Tune like the pro's and eliminate the guess work with a system that has been field tested and proven to work.
Built in help files, with the ability to document your changes.
Easy to use, windows based program.
Support for most Ford ECM's (4000+)
Now available in two versions! Burn your tune to a 4 position chip that plugs into the PCM or flash the computer through the diagnostic port with the PCM Flasher.

Available for most late model Fords!

Calibration Features:
Four Bank tuning, the ultimate control
Firm Shifts (Automatic)
Elimination of Speed Limiters, Torque Retards, Timing Retards
Speedometer Correction
Full control over the EEC
Multiple Program Design, allows YOU to select your level of power.
Programs designed by the experts at SCT, for YOUR vehicle.

Pentium II Computer or better
USB port (chip version) or Serial port (flasher)
Required to Fax or email a signed license agreement to SCT to activate your software

Pro Racer Packages Include:

Flash Version:
Windows Software
SCT XCal 2
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