Spec stage 2 Clutch Kit - 86-mid 01 GT / 93-98 cobra

Spec stage 2 Clutch Kit - 86-mid 01 GT / 93-98 cobra
Part #: SF482
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Boosted 2v and 4v Engines need a clutch that can keep up with the increased torque on the transmission. More HP means more torque, and the stock clutch in Mustangs wont hold all of that boosted torque without failing and damaging the transmission. This SPEC Stage 2 clutch will safely hold 520 ft/lb of torque without failing, so you can play hard and drive hard like you are supposed to do with your Mustang!

Stage 2 Clutches are designed for all mild to moderately modified naturally aspirated and power adder engines, but can be used with stock power levels without sacrficing drivability or excessive wear characteristics.

Each Stage 2 Clutch includes a high clamp pressure plate, pure Kevlar friction material and high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.

This SPEC Stage 2 Clutch is designed for the T-5 and T-45 transmissions that are found in the 1986 through mid-2001 GT and the 1993-1998 Mustang Cobra. If you have a 2001 GT, be sure to check and see what kind of transmission type you have.

This Clutch is Rated for 520 ft/ lbs TQ
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