Damn!!!!!! This tune ROCKS! Smooth steady power AWESOME drive ability and no funny tricks with the throttle that makes me think it's making power, it is making power now. My actual gears are 3.31 I will be going to 3.73 within the next week or so and I can't wait, I actually barked third, not chirped but barked and the ass end shot out to the right. If you don't mind me asking how is the shift schedule set up for part throttle? Is it by a certain rpm or by speed. I love how it will hold gear or downshift when I want it to. Thank You so much you will be doing my tuning from now on.

Customer Praise

I ran a b*******d tune at first, then I tried to work with B*** C***...both tunes were not doing what I was told they should. Some people rave about b*******d's customer service...I have yet to see it, nor will I try again. They are wonderful at selling you parts, and suggesting to sell you more parts to throw at your car when the original parts they sell you don't run like they predicted. In an effort to get my car on the right path and after reading thread after thread and post after post about how B*** C*** was the best....I decided to try. At first, you plug it in and the characteristics of the car are like a raging animal posessed. So I can see how street guys think that the tunes are GREAT. My experience and ON TRACK performance shown me different. I tried calling and talking to D***...and the only response I got was to blame another part on the car.

Out of pure frustration I decided to call BBR and order a set of cams. It was late (8pm) and I got Chris on the phone. I explained to him my situation. he talked me out of cams (temporarily) he suggested another part (way cheaper than cams) and one of their tunes. I requested to have 2 tunes sent, one as he would like it, and another richer tune. I was under the impression that my car was a touch lean hence not running the number. Well, not only did his base tune put the car where I felt it should be, when I tried the richer tune, it went even better.

To be more specific...the best run (automatic car) with the b*******d tune was 13.05 @ 105. The best with a b*** C*** tune was 13.15 @ 105. These numbers were achieved in march April crisp air. In the flat heat of the summer I had given up on b*** C*** and ran the b*******d but the car would only muster a 13.30 and at times would flounder into the .50's. Well it was dead summer, when I got hooked up with BBR. The car has never turned a 13 sec time slip since. Dead heat the car goes 12.95 @ 106, and has been a best of 12.69 @ 108 in similar air as the march April crisp air days. The car doesn't have radical shifts, it doesn't have out of control throttle response. It is snappy, but nowhere near the b*** C*** set up used to create the illusion of something bad ass.

So do I suggest BBR? yup, and I wish I would have known what I know now. it would have saved me a couple grand in parts, time and aggravation. I spent a lot of money traveling with this car in a series, and it was simply not competitive prior to finding BBR. The car is set up on a 13.00 index, and for those of you that know about index racing a 13.30/50 isn't gonna cut it.

a list of mods...
Jegs 15" stars with skinnies on the front and 26x10 et drags out back.
TCI 3000 stall converter
Spydershaft 1 pc aluminum drive shaft
STEEDA Under Drive Pulleys
STEEDA economy delete plates
4.10 gears
Pypes off road X-pipe
C&L race intake
should of been enough to run sub 13.30's huh ?

I added a gt-500 t-body from BBR and their tune and like I said it hasn't turned a 13 second time slip in since. Is a GT-500 t-body really worth .50 - .60 in et ?

Sorry for the rant, but I wish someone would of told me what I had to learn the hard way. Be careful not to get sucked into the "free tune if you buy your parts here." Its a gimick in my opinion. Its a nice gesture, but a nicer one would be correcting the original sale, before trying to up sell another part.

In the end. BBR made an effort to CALL ME the day my parts arrived, and asked if everything was ok, and how the install was going. that my friends is "customer service".

I am ordering a set of BBR cams this off season and installing a set of ARH long tubes. I am also adding a radiator support/sway bar delete set up along with a rear seat delete kit. I am hoping to set the car up on a 12.00 index for next year.