Three Custom BBR Tunes (Naturally Aspirated)

Three Custom BBR Tunes (Naturally Aspirated)
Part #: TUNE-3
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3 Blow-By Racing Naturally Aspirated Tune

If you already have an SCT handheld device and you're looking for a top of the line custom mail order tune then look no further. BBR custom mail order tuning is a great way to free up power in your 1996-2011 Ford Vehicle. BBR can simply e-mail you this awesoe performance tune to you along with detailed instructions on how to install the tune onto your programmer. BBR Custom tunes will give you the best throttle response out there, increase horsepower and torque across the board and quite often improve your fuel economy. BBR leads the industry in aftermarket custom tuning. We have years of dedicated racing knowledge and experience as well as many research & development hours invested into our tune to ensure you the more than just horsepower, but overall drivability and performance with the many modifications done to your cars computer system, including torque management, adaptive learning and the drive-by-wire tables. With BBR tuning, you can drop nearly a half second in the quarter mile on just a tune alone.

After your order one of our custom e-mail tunes, one of our experienced sales staff members will contact you to find out about your application. Information needed will include : Computer Code, SCT Serial #, List of modifications, Octane level and Rear tire size. This information is needed so Chris Jones BBR tuner can develop your awesome custom tune file in a timely maner.

Tune turn-around time est. 24-48 hours from time of purchase.

We keep your custom tune on file so if you ever purchase more performance parts from BBR you can request your current tune be modified free of charge. The free tune revisions are for new parts purchased from BBR. We stock a wide variety of Aftermarket parts that are BBR tuning approved. With a wide variety of parts on the market that are not tune friendly we suggest you speak with our technical sales team before you invest in headers, nitrous, superchargers, turbo’s, throttle body’s, and camshafts.
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