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This dyno run was done at Mustang Specialties in Popano Beach, Fl. on a DynoJet dyno.We would like to thank the guys there for the help.

This dyno run was with a new BBR Throttle Body and more tuning. This tune however, was too extreme for the street. We just wanted to prove that the 3V motors could achieve 400hp on motor and our bolt-on parts. The reason this tune was not streetable was due to fuel delivery problems. We were using the stock 24 lb. injectors and the air/fuel ratio was too lean beacause the stock fuel system could not keep the mix rich enough to be safe. We will be installing larger injectors and a boost-a-pump to increase fuel delivery.

We will be posting any updated videos when available.

Combination during dyno run
  • Stock Short Block
  • Stock Intake
  • BBR CNC Throttle Body
  • BBR CNC Heads
  • BBR 3V Custom Cams
  • JLT Cold Air Kit
  • SCT X-Calibrator
  • BBR Under-drive Pullies
  • BBR Charge Motion Plates
  • Stainless Works 15/8 Longtube headers
  • BBR Custom Side Exhaust w/ Magna Flow Mufflers
  • 4.10 Rear Gears
  • 20"x10" Rear Wheels
  • 93 Octane Pump Gas


BBR 406 HP Dyno Run (Not streetable)