Wilson Manifolds 4150 Single Stage Plates

Wilson Manifolds 4150 Single Stage Plates
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Nitrous Pro Flow Plates feature our patented Fan Spray Tube Technology with individually angled orifices to cover 360 degrees of the plenum for optimum distribution characteristics. Improved distribution equals more power, consistency and reliability. Nitrous Pro Flow stainless steel spray tubes improve consistency because they will not wear or change flow or spray pattern like soft brass tubes can. Single stage plates are available with or without our patented burst panels. Burst panels will vent pressure between 75-90 psi. to help prevent carburetor and/or manifold damage due to a fuel or ignition system failure. Spacer portion of the plates are precision machined from billet aluminum with a military spec hard coat for durability and corrosion resistance. Each plate is individually flow tested to insure quality and consistency. Plates are available in 4150, 4500, 4500 to 4150, and Quadrajet / Spread Bore configurations. Plates without burst panels are most commonly used for limited hood clearance applications.
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