Mustang 5.0 "Dry" Nitrous system

Mustang 5.0 "Dry" Nitrous system
Part #: ZEX-82015
Regular price: $625.00
On Sale: $509.95
A complete "Dry" nitrous system. Everything is included for a safe, proper installation.

Designed to work safely on both stock and high-performance, normally aspirated engines. The ideal nitrous system for many fuel injected performance vehicles.

All major components are factory pre-assembled inside the "Nitrous Management Unit". Easy, plug and play, two-hour installation.

ZEX Nitrous Systems have an advanced, patented feature called "Active Fuel Control". This feature monitors nitrous bottle pressure and adds or subtracts enrichment fuel. The engine never runs too rich or too lean when engaging the nitrous system.

ZEX "Dry" nitrous systems activate at wide-open throttle, using advanced electronics that monitor your engine's throttle position sensor. This makes using your nitrous system very easy and reliable.
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